I’ll help to plant 262 trees in one year. You can too. At no cost.

Ivo Valchev
2 min readOct 20, 2018


The idea of helping to plant trees at no cost sounds brilliant. The question is how?

Planting 262 trees in the next year by browsing the web

Yes. This is how it’s done. Or more specifically, I’m going to do that by using the Ecosia search engine when browsing the web over the next year. Every search I make will be a little step towards planting a new tree.

But is it worth it? What impact can one individual have?

According to Ecosia, around 45 searches are needed to plant a tree. Based on my browsing history over the last 18 months, I figured my average number of (Google) searches per day to be 32.35. Over the course of a year, this equates to roughly 11,800 searches. With that many searches using Ecosia, I will help to generate enough profit to plant ~262 trees.

And you and I (probably) won’t note the difference between Google and Ecosia

The other good news is that Ecosia looks the same way as Google, with one important exception: all profit generated by browsing with Ecosia goes to planting trees across the world.

So far they have managed to plant over 40 million trees, investing over 6.6 million euros. And this is with only 7 million Ecosia users. I for one cannot wait to see what they can do with more!

Other “benefits” (and no, this isn’t a paid ad!)

  • Ecosia doesn’t sell your data to advertisers
  • No third party trackers
  • Monthly financial reports to boost trust that they do what they say

That’s more than enough to convince me to commit myself to using Ecosia over the course of one year, starting from today! Okay then, later Google.com. Ecosia.org, welcome on board!

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Till next time. 😉