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  • Isabel Nyo

    Isabel Nyo

    I help professionals in the tech industry with their career growth | http://eisabainyo.net | https://linktr.ee/eisabai

  • Petko Bozhinov

    Petko Bozhinov

    Co-founder of aver.bg ∙ Software Engineer at infragistics.com ∙ bozhinov.com

  • Elena Flat

    Elena Flat

  • Yariv Adan

    Yariv Adan

    Product Manager @Google

  • Andrew Winnicki

    Andrew Winnicki

    Software Engineering Changemaker. Driving digital transformation and sharing experiences and thoughts from my journey. 20 years and counting…

  • Jessica Donahue, PHR

    Jessica Donahue, PHR

    I help startups and small businesses attract, engage, and retain the best talent at AdjunctLeadership.com → Join my mini leadership course: bit.ly/307AheB

  • Dafna Rosenblum

    Dafna Rosenblum

    Engineering Manager at Kry. Co-Founder of extend-tech.com. Podcasting @extend_podcast. Twitting @dafnaros.

  • Vinita


    Author: Upgrade Your Mindset. Scaling products → Scaling thinking (⊙_⊙) Former AVP Engineering, Swiggy. I write about work, progress and success.

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